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For most publishers, the common strategy for managing production costs is outsourcing tagging and layout to service providers. However, the results are often disappointing. Many service providers often have issues related to quality and turnaround time, which lead to hidden costs and production delays.

Ictect provides an alternative to traditional publishing outsourcing, with its patented XML-centric publishing platform and blended-resources. Production and delivery exclusively from USA-based resources is also available.

Our Customers
U.S. Air Force
Joint Commission
The City University of New York
The World Bank
Whitepaper - eBook and XML Services
Whitepaper - eBook and XML Services
Video - Alternative to Publishing Outsourcing
Video - Alternative to Publishing Outsourcing
PPT - Intelligent Content Tools
PPT - Intelligent Content Tools

                  PPT - Intelligent Content Tools
                  PPT - Intelligent Content Tools
                  PPT - Intelligent Content Tools
Is Ictect solution right for me?

If you answer "yes" to one or more of these questions, it may be worth your time to speak with Ictect:

  • Do you believe outsourcing XML and eBook production has too many challenges?

  • Do you experience poor turn-around times, communication challenges, and/or quality concerns?

  • Would working directly with a full-fledged provider solve many of these outsourcing challenges, assuming the costs are comparable?

  • Would your editors be more comfortable using Microsoft Word than XML or HTML authoring software?

How does it work?

Ictect implements an Intelligent Content Architecture for your organization using patented technology. This technology automates the application of semantic XML tags based on templates, guidelines and patterns used in your publishing process. Depending upon your specific situation, appropriate combinations of the following will be used:

  • Ictect provides a Microsoft Word plug-in to the authors to streamline the production process.

  • Ictect configures the platform for your in-house or freelance editorial and production staff to help them handle more complex requirements.

  • Ictect offers dedicated resources to handle regular, overflow, special publications, or provide assistance whenever needed.

We price our solution based on class of documents. We guarantee prices will be lower compared to an offshore alternative (minimum 3-year commitment).

We offer proof-of-concept and pilot solutions before you make a full commitment.

Features and Benefits
  • High quality XML

  • Excels in complex XML including DocBook, TEI, NLM, custom DTDs and schemas

  • Participation of authors, editors and production personnel in the publishing process

  • Provides full publishing features within Microsoft Word for simpler titles, OR integrates with Adobe InDesign workflow

  • Easy-to-use as tools are integrated with Microsoft Word

  • Incorporates standardized templates or stylesheets seamlessly

  • Reduced per-title cost

Quick facts about Ictect
  • Ictect, Inc. – Focused on Intelligent Content Architectures

  • In business since 2008

  • Customers include Department of Defense, Federal Government Agencies and Publishers

  • US Patent # 7,251,777 (Method and System for Automated Structuring of Textual Documents)

  • Offices in US and India

  • Offering author-friendly and publisher-friendly XML from Microsoft Word


Work was always done carefully and thoroughly, and all questions during the editing process were communicated and handled in a timely fashion...

Jill Schwartz
Peterson's Publishing, a Nelnet Company

We are very satisfied with the product and services that Ictect has delivered and value Ictect as a trusted partner for fulfilling our operational mission and moving our vision of electronic publishing forward...

Jessica Spencer-Gallucci
Air Force Departmental Publishing Office

..the Policy Document System team found that only one product, Intelligent Content Tools in CUNY, met the University's needs.

Steven Quinn
Manager, Information Services
Office of the Secretary of the Board
The City University of New York
What others are saying
  • "Prior to the past year, we outsourced almost all ebook conversion, but recently we've begun to adopt internal solutions, allowing us to increase both efficiency and control over results." - Nicole Passage, Open Road Integrated Media

  • "In the past few years, most publishers have learned that they need an XML-structured file of all their content to facilitate re-use in different formats. In the trade and juvenile areas, at least, most publishers are getting there with post-production XML, creating an XML-structured export from InDesign or Word or PDF when the project is complete. That's a very partial solution, and, we believe, not going to be an adequate one going forward." - Mike Shatzkin, The Idea Logical Company

  • "The biggest obstacle to XML adoption is there are no appropriate XML-based tools for the initial stages of publishing—writing and editing." - George Alexander, Seybold Report

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