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Ictect offers a patented platform for obtaining High-Quality XML from Microsoft Word and for developing "Intelligent Content Solutions" for knowledge workers.

You will discover significant value in our services and technology if you answer "yes" to at least one of the following questions:

  • Do you need to create XML for your Books, Journals, Technical Manuals, any type of documents?

  • Are you looking for a user-friendly automated XML platform for your users?

  • Regardless of XML, are you looking to simplify complex document workflows that currently use Microsoft Word?

Our Customers
U.S. Air Force
Joint Commission
The City University of New York
The World Bank
What does Ictect offer?

Ictect offers a Microsoft Word plug-in (Intelligent Content Tools, or icTools) that automates XML tagging, formatting, checking, and other activities for any type of document. icTools retains all of the features of Microsoft Word, offering non-technical users a comfortable and easy-to-use platform for their document editing needs.

icTools delivers semantic XML mark-up directly from Microsoft Word. No intermediate format or transformation is required.

While we generally offer icTools as a software package for in-house use by our clients, we also offer XML as a service for your needs.

  • Intelligent Content Tools for Assessments – QTI-compliant XML

  • Intelligent Content Tools for Books – delivering Docbook XML

  • Intelligent Content Tools for Contracts – Custom-schema XML

  • Intelligent Content Tools for DoD Publications – delivering XML in accordance with (Air Force Instruction 33-360) AFI 33-360 and (Army Regulation 25-40) AR 25-40

  • Intelligent Content Tools for Journals – delivering JATS or NLM XML

  • Intelligent Content Tools for Standards – Custom-schema XML

  • Intelligent Content Tools for Technical Documents – delivering DITA XML

How does it work?

icTools automates XML tagging for any type of document. The automation is achieved by connecting the document to the chosen schema (JATS, DITA, Docbook, QTI, or Custom Schema).

The document retains its native Microsoft Word format while adding a layer of rich, semantic XML. This XML in the Word document enables complex document workflows to be simplified.

Since the XML is automated, users can easily interact with documents. We bring familiar content elements to the forefront for content creators within Microsoft Word. This allows authors to better participate in the content structuring workflow.

We offer proof-of-concept and pilot solutions before you make a full commitment.


With icTools, you can truly have an "XML First" workflow, regardless of the size or scale of your content. Intelligent Content Tools offer anyone from an author to a highly technical editor the ability to structure content automatically. With a built in compliance check that guides users through the requirements, simple content can be uploaded directly to websites, portals, and databases. More complex documents can be passed up the workflow, retaining all markup and edits.

Features and Benefits
  • Author and editor – friendly

  • Deploy on the desktop – no server needed

  • Easy to use – based on Microsoft Word

  • Ideal for complex documents and complex schemas

  • Plug in your schema out-of-the-box – develop customization on your own or have us customize the interface

  • Proven in the field – utilized by end-users in Department of Defense, Editors, and Authors

  • Server version available separately for well-defined document automation requirements

  • Small footprint – easy to distribute to large user populations

Whitepaper - eBook and XML Services
Whitepaper - eBook and XML Services
Ictect Webinar - Microsoft Word and XML
Ictect Webinar - Microsoft Word and XML
PPT - Intelligent Content Tools
PPT - Intelligent Content Tools

                  PPT - Intelligent Content Tools
                  PPT - Intelligent Content Tools
                  PPT - Intelligent Content Tools

..the Policy Document System team found that only one product, Intelligent Content Tools in CUNY, met the University's needs.

Steven Quinn
Manager, Information Services
Office of the Secretary of the Board
The City University of New York

We are very satisfied with the product and services that Ictect has delivered and value Ictect as a trusted partner for fulfilling our operational mission and moving our vision of electronic publishing forward...

Jessica Spencer-Gallucci
Air Force Departmental Publishing Office

Work was always done carefully and thoroughly, and all questions during the editing process were communicated and handled in a timely fashion...

Jill Schwartz
Peterson's Publishing, a Nelnet Company
Industry Quotes
  • "We have turned our attention to a problem we believe will occupy just about all publishers in the years to come, the opportunities and challenges presented by an XML workflow that starts with the author, or even before there is an author." - Mike Shatzkin, The Idea Logical Company

  • "The biggest obstacle to XML adoption is there are no appropriate XML-based tools for the initial stages of publishing—writing and editing." - George Alexander, Seybold Report

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