Content Innovation Programs

This Free 90 minute workshop with Bob Boiko is for professionals interested in learning and applying content innovations (and yes, including XML) for their organization's content. In this workshop, we will demonstrate some possible ways of moving to Intelligent Content. We will also discuss and address issues that are important to you in this process.

2 Simple Steps

  • Fill out the form, one of our Content Specialists will contact you within 24 hours to arrange the details.
  • Provide your content prior to the workshop. Someone from Content Architecture team will contact you to discuss issues important to your organization. The workshop will be customized accordingly.

Because this is a free workshop, we only have limited number of openings. Funding for the workshop comes from WiSys Foundation, UW-Parkside and Ictect. Please register early to assure availability of dates. This workshop is conducted remotely, and is offered to organizations world-wide.

If you would like to have an expert content architecture team to provide onsite training on the business side of content or the technology side of XML, this offering is for you! Training can include any of the following topics:

Business Topics

  • Developing a business case for moving to XML or Intelligent Content
  • Developing a Proof of Concept or Prototype for your content
  • Moving to e-Publishing
  • Generating new revenue from your content assets
  • Cost savings from new content architecture or business process
  • In-sourcing content process
  • Why is XML relevant
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Calculation
  • And many more!

Technology Topics

  • Information Architecture or Content Architecture with focus on XML
  • DTD (Document Type Definition)
  • XML Schema
  • XSLT Stylesheets
  • XML Development
  • Information Portals
  • And many more!

The training is conducted by Bob Boiko and the Ictect’s Content Architecture team. The duration of the training and venue (onsite, at Ictect, or by the web) can be determined in advance. The training content is customized based on your needs.

There will be a fee for this training. For a limited period of time, part of the training costs are covered by WiSys Foundation, UW-Parkside and Ictect. We will advise you of the fee and the related travel and expenses (if applicable) before finalizing the dates for the training program.

Please note:

  • This training is offered remotely. For organizations in the United States, in-person training options are available at your office or at Ictect office. When filling out the form, please identify two suitable times for you.
  • Provide your content prior to the training event. Someone from Ictect’s Content Architecture team will contact you in advance to discuss issues important to your organization so that the training can be customized for your needs.

Take the first step today!

This program is ideal for organizations that are trying to move toward Intelligent Content. The Content Architecture team from UW-Parkside and Ictect will work with your project team to develop a prototype at a low-cost.

This program will explore innovative ideas that maximize the value and lower the cost on your existing content. When it comes to your company needs, you are the expert. Only you can determine the project and goals you want to achieve with this initiative.

Examples of types of documents and feasible projects can include:

  • Sales proposals
  • Safety instructions
  • Healthcare procedures and patient guidance
  • Product information including user documentation
  • Web Site content

Organizations that participate in this program will discuss their content innovation needs with Ictect and UW-Parkside content architecture team. Together, they will finalize the project focus area and a high-level scope of work. The collaborative project takes about 8 weeks. The project team develops and delivers a prototype application that demonstrates what benefits are possible. As part of the prototype, the team will undertake the following activities:

  • Comprehension of your business objectives
  • Review of your current and desired workflow
  • Content analysis
  • Proposal of alternative prototypes
  • Development of a prototype
  • Presentation and delivery of the prototype
  • Assistance in development of the business case for deploying the demonstrated capability within your organization

The content architecture team will also publish a case study for educational purposes, with your permission. No proprietary information of company data will be published in the case study, unless you authorize us to do so.

Please note that there is a fee for participation in the program. For a limited period of time, part of the prototype development costs are covered by WiSys Foundation, UW-Parkside and Ictect. We will advise you of the cost once full assessment is completed.

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