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Creating Compliant TechPubs – DITA, S-1000D and your Style Guides

A Value Discovery Session for TechPub Departments

Megan Mckinney, Director of Strategic Development, Ictect, Inc.
Dean Peterson, Software Developer, Ictect, Inc.
Thursday, February 2 from 10:00 am – 10:30 am ET

Webinar on Creating Compliant TechPubs – February 2, 2023

A Value Discovery Session for TechPub Departments


Ictect, Inc. invites you to join us this 1/2-hour webinar where you will:

  • See how to create TechPubs compliant with MILSTDs, S-1000D, DITA and your Style Guides.
  • Learn how easy it is to publish compliant technical documents IN-HOUSE for a variety of requirements for Technical Publications and Military Standards such as S-1000D, and MILSTD 400051.
  • Explore how AI-based authoring, editing and production software with the familiar Microsoft Office experience can streamline your workflow, save time and reduce cost.
  • Ictect’s Intelligent Content Software provides demonstrable Operational Efficiency Improvement with a common platform you already utilize – Microsoft Word.

Speakers and Facilitators

Megan Mckinney

Director of Strategic
Ictect, Inc.

Dean Peterson

Software Developer
Ictect, Inc.

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  • Feel free to submit your questions related to technical manual workflows in advance. We will incorporate them in the webinar.
  • We welcome your manuscripts. If you would like to submit sample manuscripts that can be used in a future webinar, please email the documents/questions to
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