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Ictect offers patented software for authoring and converting content to DITA. Technical documentation departments will save time and significantly reduce cost by utilizing Intelligent Content Tools from Ictect.

US Patent #7,251,777 – Method and System for Automated Structuring of Textual Documents
...the Policy Document System team found that only one product, Intelligent Content Tools in CUNY, met the University’s needs.
Steven Quinn
Manager, Information Services
Office of the Secretary of the Board
The City University of New York
We are very satisfied with the product and services that Ictect has delivered and value Ictect as a trusted partner for fulfilling our operational mission and moving our vision of electronic publishing forward...
Jessica Spencer-Gallucci
Air Force Departmental Publishing Office
Work was always done carefully and thoroughly, and all questions during the editing process were communicated and handled in a timely fashion...
Jill Schwartz
Peterson’s Publishing, a Nelnet Company
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Author in Microsoft Word

With Intelligent Content Tools (icTools), authors can easily prepare their documents in Microsoft Word without having to worry about XML. icTools does the tagging!

Convert documents to DITA

icTools can convert documents from various formats to DITA. We offer this for in-house use or as an outsourced service.

Compliance with Style Guides

Compares your documents against your house and DITA style guides, identifies errors and compliance issues, and provides point-by-point feedback for making corrections.

Integrates with Enterprise Systems

icTools is key to bringing "Intelligent Content in the Enterprise". As it is Word-based, it integrates with any enterprise system. As it offers DITA-compliant XML, it integrates with any DITA system.

Customizable Plug-In for Microsoft Word

Fully-integrated with Microsoft Word for quick and direct publishing from the most widely used word processing software in the market. Enables seamless communication between authors and editors with track changes!

Supports Co-authoring and Editing

Enhances Office 365 and SharePoint’s collaboration functionality with managed co-authoring and editing. Enables parallel authoring, editorial, and production workflows.